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The Geography, Economy and Politics

The world of Qaastvs is divided into four areas – East, North, Southeast and West. The East is controlled by the government, the North controlled by the mob, the Southeast supports the government, and the West is neutral.

Cookie cutter-clear, so far? Good.

The East is composed of four countries: Filas, Paiol, Aa and Pelem. Filas has 12 regions, Paiol has 8, Aa has 11 and Pelem has 19. More info to be added at a later date because this is currently irrelevant.

The Southeast and West – more info later.


The North is made up of three countries – Pielago, Pelne and Malasoma.

Pielago: Pielago has four regions: Weston, Roma, Medes and Norda.

A] Weston:
Capital: Weston City Train Hub
History: Named after the family that established the country as home of organized crime, Weston is the most secluded region in Pielago – it is surrounded by deserts. The capital city, the Train Hub, is actually built under a desert, and is home to the five strongest families: The Crowe family of White Ground (The main branch of the family uses Corva), The Weston family of West End, The Fontene family of East End, Calino Group of Red Avenue (headed by the Calino family), and The Jyles, of Steel Gates.

Following a general five-count rule, “government” is harsh in Weston, most especially in the capital. The region is home to many fugitives from the East and Southeast, and any and all citizens of Weston have identity cards and passports flagged by other countries.

B] Roma:
Capital: Enero
History: Roma is known for ruins – it is comparatively poorer than its neighbors, Norda and Weston. With it land mostly rocky and barren, Roma residents invested in skill-oriented professions, like metallurgy and mass-production of non-edible products. Because most of their needs are supplied by other regions, food and other consumable goods are expensive in Roma – services are cheap, however. Roma is also predominantly Catholic, and has the most number of churches anywhere in the country, and is, to a degree, the least violent region of all.

Roma also holds the highest rate of unemployment, and the highest number of abandoned children. It is also home to the Monroe family – ironically, its most famous member is James Monroe, who as indicted and sold out half his family to the East on smuggling and trafficking. James Monroe has a wife and daughter, Jenny Lader-Monroe and Lisa Monroe respectively. Jenny died of heart complications at the estimated age of 74 but nothing else is known of the daughter – they were both placed under a witness protection program that Jenny abandoned in favor of returning home.

C] Norda:
Capital: Maris
History: Norda is considered an independent region, or a province. It is the most scenic region of Pielago, and the most productive in terms of agriculture. It is considered the Hollywood of Pielago and home of many artists, actors and producers in the area. Lifestyle costs are expensive, but amenities relatively cheap. It is also independent of Pielago economically – it produces its own oil, food and everything else – but as its biggest investors come from Weston, it supports the region’s form of government.

It is also the second-most violent region after Medes, though half its crimes are by “regulars”, people who are not active members of the mob, or any extreme illegal activity. It also has the highest rate of suicides and theft in the country.

D] Medes:
Capital: Orgest
History: I am already exhausted from typing THIS IS THE MOST VIOLENT AND BORING REGION OKAY THERE. >[
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