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I have four, shall I dare say, major stories that revolve in a single universe. All of th stories more or less belong to the same timeline, though more in chronological order than all in parallel. Meaning story A happens before story B, which influenced the beginning of story C, which lead to story D.

Of which story D was, ironically, concieved first, than anything else.

All stories occur - or at least begin - in the country of Pielago, one of the more liberal new countries of a futuristic planet Earth. There are 4 regions: Weston (from where my main lj, gilgrado is from), Roma, Norda and Medes, each home to one story. Yes, it's a lame plot device.

All these stories, and the universe they're set in, are collectively known as Star In A Box - which is also the name of my future clothes shoppe, and will pop up everywhere in the stories. Like CLAMP and its... CLAMP stuff. WHYYY


Norda: Pertenum
- Lucien Crowe is an assassin with a certain living condition: he was set to die before he turned 25. Having lived a decent life - by his standards - taking down men of importance for an inordinate sum of money, he had, rather fairly, made a name for himself throughout the country as the assassin for hire, and his roots in Weston, gangland central, cemented his reputation.

Until a man he owed a life debt, Mari, claimed his due - in the form of guarding his then-employer, the actress Camille Mann, whose life was in horrible danger.

A light love story of double identities, fuzzy pick-up lines, lots of shooting and a dark ending.

Medes: Obsessive Compulsive: Life as told by Iito and Vita Menlo
A pair of twins, Iito and Vita Menlo, wake up on the last day of the year, with thirteen years' worth missing from their memory. As they go about trying to piece together their past, they meet a reporter, Peter Shabley, who has arrived in their city in hopes of documenting the apparent prevailing amnesia in Orgest City's residence. The twins tell their stories and progress to the man, and by the end of their affair, all three part ways, completely changed.

A rather dark story, with some genderswitching, fucked-up POVs and journal-style writing.

Roma: Qaastvs
A boy falls ill, and starts off a disease that came and went too quickly for comfort, leaving in its wake a child unable to pass adolescence. From this child comes the beginning of the retrieval group Qaastvs, and the unfolding of the story of the boy named Charles Jenny Monroe - a body thief who finds his true love along the way.

A fricking comedy-slash-love story-slash-action-slash-drama. With a lot of trains. And cooking.

...And the color orange.

Weston: Lamb Child
Elena Corva-Monroe was saddled with a rather unique family tree and legacy. Birthed from parents whose names were of underground prominence, and whose respective parents also of (in)famous pedigree, Elena had, on her sixteenth birthday, recieved a letter that allowed her to claim her massive inheritance - on one single condition.

She must, in two years' time, find her parents' personal doctor - the same doctor who arranged the meeting of her maternal grandparents, who had saved her father from death, and had attended not only to her mother's birth but hers as well.

And if that wasn't hard enough, she has to accomplish this as a boy.

I believe the summary is answer enough to what kind of story this is.
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