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Title: Yeah Yeah
Fandom: Original; Qaastvs
Characters: Kidd Monroe, Iito Menlo
Rating: PG-13
Warning/s: Language
A/N: sweetening put the idea in my head. Now it won't leave.

Raw dirty pop track
Push it in and pull it back
Am I glamour pussing it
See if you can top that

Kidd Monroe cuts an impressive figure through the crowd with his blue-and-red dyed faux mohawk, the spikes standing in contrast to cropped yellow hair on the sides of his head, and with his rat-tail tied with black string at the base of his neck. He walked with a certain swagger, the bounce of his step telling the world that he was The Man Of The Moment, capitalizaions included, and for each of his many piercings and tattooes he had at least two offenses with the law to go along with.

Surely no one would bother such a man, on such an electric night such as this, with the air crackling with sexual tension and energy, especially in basement parties like this one with its loud music and dark surroundings. Surely no one in their right mind would come after so charismatic, so charming a man just to pick a fight.


Iito Menlo cursed under his breath. Yeah, right, he thought. No one who knew who Kidd Monroe was would do that. No one but him, that is, would dare. That was a more precise word for the wariness people attributed Kidd.

Kidd Monroe was a wanted criminal in four countries, with a list of offenses taller than Iito was.

Not that Iito was very tall, but the point is there.

Iito adjusted his earpiece, making it look like he was tucking back his black-dyed hair. He had to fit in with the crowd to follow Kidd, and this crowd was greatly unpleasant for the young cop. Iito have always had a misanthropic streak, tolerating crowds simply because it was part of his job, but the constant press of bodies - the smell of it, the taste of it - made Iito feel ready to throw up.

It didn't help that with his pale skin, small stature - he was thin and fragile-looking, and he stands at five feet and five inches - and girl-like facial features made him look like a flatchested schoolgirl. His outfit, all black and all leather, was beginning to chafe, and the wraparound glasses he wore greatly irritated him, seeing as he only had one functioning eye.

If he got groped again by another lesbian he was going to pull his guns and open fire.

"Colorado to Weston, target is heading up for the northwest exit of the complex," a female voice crackled over the communication device. Tiffany Aspen, Iito's partner. He really didn't like her at all.

"Where does the exit lead to?" Iito asked, weaving his way around a particularly... graphic group of people. "I'm seven seconds behind the target, Colorado, where does the exit lead to?"

"An alley... leading to 54th and the parking lot." Iito listened at the tapping sound of computer keys being hit, and then the audible lingering as his partner read whatever it was she was reading. "I checked the map; if he takes right the road is blocked by construction but he could go through in fourteen seconds, if he takes left he ends up in the parking lot and will be gone in ten."

"Shit!" Iito started pushing through the crowd, ignoring the loud complaints he recieved. Seven seconds' distance on his part wasn't good, and he tried to cut it down by running. He had just seen Kidd's shoes disappear from his line of sight by the time he reached the base of the stairwell, and started clambering up as soon as he cleared through the crowd.

He threw his glasses off and readied a hand on the grip of his gun as he shouldered through the door when something made contact with the back of his head, and he only had enough time to exclaim over the communication.


He was still swimming with stars when he came to. He was lying facedown on an enclosed, carpeted surface, but he wasn't restrained. Immediately he checked for his holster, but didn't find his gun. With a sudden alertness Iito checked for his earpiece, and didn't find it there either. He felt into his pockets - his phone, wallet, badge, all of them weren't there.

"That's what little boys get for sneakin' around," an amused voice drawled behind him. Wincing, Iito turned to face the person speaking to him - though he didn't have to think hard on who it was. He recognized the voice anywhere.

"You piece of shit," Iito growled as threateningly as he could. One of his arms had fallen asleep on him, and his back was cramped from the position he found himself lying. A good look around told Iito that he was lying at the floor of a car, with Kidd sitting at the backseat. And a foot resting on the small of his back. "Get your goddamned shoes off me!"

"Shoe, boy, I only got one foot on you," the blond told him, which was true; his other foot was on the headrest of the driver's seat. "Learn your grammar."

"I'm not taking advice from a criminal like you," Iito replied bitterly, and tried to push himself off the floor of the car, only to get kicked back down.

"Na, I don't want to be a jerk with you - well, actually, I do, but that's not the point - but I thought we've established that you're, what, four years too young to try and catch me?" Kidd picked something up from his seat, and Iito heard the light pop of a cap being removed, and smelled the faint scent of alcohol. "Now your lady friend, she's got a chance, because I don't really fight women and all that. So why don't you just quit?"

"LIKE FUCKING HELL I'LL QUIT- AAAGH!" Iito winced as Kidd kicked him on the back again. "You wanna break my back, you asshole, better do it right or you're FUCKING DEAD!"

"Geez, talking like you're taller than me, I'm real scared." Kidd snorted. "Want a beer?"

"Fuck you." Iito fumed where he lay, his hands now tucked beneath him. He needed leverage, but the backseat would hit his shoulder if he pushed up from his position. Iito estimated the area. He could get up if he turned a little to the side, but that meant exposing his side. He also couldn't bend his knees and get the knife he tucked in his pant leg, IF it was still there. And if there was anything that was pissing him off all the way to hell it was the fact that Kidd wasn't taking him seriously.

"Well, I'm kind of making you a doormat, boy-o," Kidd talked over his beer. "Kinda hard to take you seriously."

Iito winced. So he'd said that one out loud. Big fucking deal, he thought.

He was contemplating turning around, grabbing Kidd's leg and just biting the guy like a dog would when a cellphone rang.

"Yo, Kidd speaking."

The cop breathed through his nose, listening in on the conversation. If he was going to have to lie like this for however long it takes to amuse Kidd, he'd put up with it if he could get something out of it. With bated breath he kept track of the nods and hums Kidd made over the phone. Damn it, he thought, TALK!

"...'kay, love... hey, what's dinner- no, what-! ...what..."

Ah, talking to the missus, Iito thought bitterly, grimacing as Kidd dug his heel on his back again.

"Yeah, the errand boy's alive, I'm just using him as a footstool."


"...Kay. I love you." And then the snap of a phone being folded. The foot on Iito's back lifted, and Iito gingerly tried his arms, pushing himself up carefully. Then a hand pulled him up and shoved him into a seat.

"You're lucky my wife doesn't want you hurt," Kidd told him, with a hand tucked into his jacket and another swirling the last of a beer in its bottle. "As much as you make me laugh, I honestly don't care if you fall off a cliff."

"I'm gonna fucking catch you, just you watch." Iito rubbed his arms, his nerves still tingling from lying in a cramped space for what seemed like a long while. "And give me back my badge."

"Oh, you're real funny, you jackass," Kidd sneered. He opened a window, and Iito watched, with growing apprehension as Kidd took his belongings out of his jacket pocket - and tossed each one out the window. He was already holding Iito's badge, handcuffs and Beretta, looking at Iito with an infuriatingly calm gaze. "What're you gonna do if I throw these out."


Iito dove after his badge as it sailed out the window, and landed rather awkwardly across Kidd's lap. He managed to pry open the door and crawl out, picking up his things off the grass, and when he got himself in order he immediately turned and aimed his gun at Kidd, who was now standing outside his car.


Kidd laughed. "Yeah, you look real cute with that gun; put it down before you hurt yourself."

"Kiss your own ass, why don't you," Iito bit out. He was trying to fit his transmitter into his ear and turn it on at the same time, thus failing both actions. "I'm arresting you-"

"Cut it out, you're getting on my nerves now," Kidd answered. He walked around the car, opened the driver's side car door, and was about to get in when he hesistated, and turned to Iito. "And I'm guessing you were following me because you think I'm casing the Pallermo household, yeah?"

Iito simply glared, his gun trained on Kidd. He'd finally gotten the trasnmitter to work, but the line was still static.

"The tibia's gonna be gone tomorrow night, little Menlo," Kidd told him with a crinkle of his nose. "If that kind of information helps you at all."

Then the man drove off, with Iito still holding his gun. He watched the car keep going on until he lost sight of it - and then realized he had no idea where he was.

"I really fucking hate you too, Monroe," he muttered under his breath. At least he knew that Kidd really was casing the Pallermo place, but it wasn't as satisfying to know after Kidd simply told him what he'd been following the blond for days on end just to confirm.

An hour later, when Tiffany drove up to Iito on her motorcycle, she only had one question and a smile.

"So what did he do to you, this time?"

"Zip it, Tiffany," Iito groaned. "I can't fucking wait to cuff that guy's ass and put him in jail."

Tiffany shook her head knowingly in amusement. "Get on, and let's get back to HQ; Captain got worried when your line died."

Then, as an aside, she added, "I'm looking forward to your report."

Meanwhile, Kidd goes on heartbreak mode because his wife won't lie next to him for "abusing a kid who can't even fight back". LOL Cielo that "kid" is two years older than you, what are you talking about.
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