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Title: Kiss Kiss, Dorothy
Fandom: D Grayman
Rating: PG-13
Warning: male/male sex implications
A/N: Mango's* feeling thankful for the loves of his life. [*mango = IslandRPverse!Rabi, for those confused.]

Touch me with a kiss, kiss, kiss.

She's got legs that go on forever. He's got hair that goes on forever.

She's got eyes like you've never seen, clear green that just sees through you with innocence unlike any. Pretty eyes that flutter and bat eyelashes that catch your breath like nothing in the world, except maybe the sunrises and sunsets of your last day on earth. And her wings - her wings, man, what I'd give to know how she got them, and what I'd sacrifice to keep it a secret. Her arms around my neck is possibly the sweetest thing I've ever known since I first came into thi world, and her hands in mine is bst feeling ever. She was worth dying for.

He - now he's got eyes colder than anything in the world, even diamonds when they were still coal. He's got fingers that taper off into tiger claw ends, and it hurts everytime to get caught in them, but I'd nver trade that in for gentler touches. He's got the worst case of singlemindedness that just blends perfectly with his sheer dense comprehension rate, and for as much as I ended up bruised and threatened to my grave, the first morning after was worth the scabbed shoulders and sticky feelings between our legs. I got ruined for sex with anyone else afer that, and if he ever found that out he'd get really pissed off, which would be so fucking cute to look at.

It's not like I can keep them both and live with my conscience. It's not like I can live with any conscience, and as it is I'm not allowed to have a grasshopper in my ear to begin with. But you take what you can get for as little a time as you can, because living on that godfucking Island teaches you that even if you die - and even if you came back, just to tell the tale - what you do you can only do once, ever, and you'd better be damned sure that's what you want or you won't rest quietly in your grave for the rest of time.

He. She. They.

So I guess that psychotic albino was right on my being an idiot, yeah? And Panda's pretty damn smart for knowing that people are the worst death you can ever experience.

But hey, she makes me fly off the ground, and he keeps me grounded.

That's more than a guy can ask for.

Oh, Mango. You've got such an awful deathwish.
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