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...Well no one really likes me me other than Mommy and Mama, and Mango and Apple both told me to stick myself in the fridge.

Adults, you can never make them understand. D8

So, inventory!~

& Ground Floor:
- Huge oak double doors for the entrance, then another door on the opposite side of the manor.
- Really really REALLY spacious lobby. There's just one counter here, plus some creepy plants, a few chairs and three doors.
- Door one: leads to the kitchens and dining room. Scary hallway D8
- Door two: leads to the music and playrooms.
- door three: leads to the kitchens and back door(? why do we need a back door?)
- three stair landings. I don't get it, all three staircases end up at the same 2nd floor landing anyway.

& Second Floor:
- the libraries, divided by section. West wing is fiction, east is non-fiction. Each wing has about 8 rooms each. All the hallways lead to each other, but they're kind of difficult to navigate because they're always dark.

& Third Floor:
- My floor! Used to be the lounge areas, but the landlady decided to give it to me. I haven't decided what to put here, though, but I already have my own paper supply and bicycle.

& Fourth Floor:
- Apple's floor. Really boring because all he has are girl paintings and fairytale books and other stuff people dead in love have. It has tons of lily flowers and pink stuff.

& Fifth Floor:
- Mango's floor. Er. I'm banned from that floor. D8

& Sixth Floor:
- Giovanni's floor. I'm not venturing there EVER even if you bribed me.

& Seventh Floor:
- Mama's floor. It's really cool, she has... computer stuff? She's teaching me how to play on a teevee and using something like an international net thing, and she has tons of stories about her city! She lets me sleep there sometimes.
- There's also a medical wing. I'm not allowed to go there but there's this scary cat-like man named Mari who always hands out candy. It's very white in there.
- Observation room. I'm not allowed in there.
- mini-kitchen! I get free cookies in there!~

& Eighth Floor:
- Mango's built this funny room for Mommy with lots of pretty clothes in there touchmyhammer: WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT SHUTTING UP, CHERRYBOY.
- Iito-san stays here with Domi-neesan. They tend to shoot each other too much.
- A huge... dumpsite? I don't what it is, there's a ton of stuff I haven't seen in all my life here.

& Ninth Floor:
- A small chapel.
- An indoor garden.
- ...A morgue. I don't know why.


Landlady can I go back to my room now? This is scaring me.
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